Salt Dough Fun!


December 11, 2012 by thepolishedbutton

As Christmas approaches, I find myself with so many ideas of lovely festive crafts I can do with my daughter. Something I suspect a lot of parents (and non parents too!) like to do is make salt dough decorations for the tree. I’ve never done this before, so it was as much of a learning curve for me as it was for her! Unsurprisingly it was immensely easy to do, with satisfying results! The recipe we used is as follows:

1 cup of plain flour

1/2 cup of salt

1/2 cup of water

(We literally just used a plastic beaker – the idea is to use a ratio of 1:1/2:1/2 so you can use any vessel you like, depending on how much dough you want.)

This recipe made enough to make 8 smaller ornaments, and 2 larger ones. Myself and a friend got together with our toddlers, covered everything in sight with plastic sheets and got busy. (Incidentally, check out the apron –  the floral one was an unworn vintage 1950’s find from a table top sale – cute eh!)


The kids loved pouring and mixing and generally getting messy (as kids tend to do…) and us mums used all our will power not to take over to create ‘perfect’ ones…(toddler fun not mummy fun was the mantra!)

Once we had used our little cookie cutters to make hearts and stars, we made holes for ribbon using a skewer and lay them on greaseproof paper.

Next came the really fun decorations – check these out!

Father Christmas Handprint by nasagreen

This would be perfect as a grandparent gift or a stocking filler!

311159_10151325302665692_507260884_nI had read that you can dry these out quickly in the microwave, so we gave them a couple of minutes, but they were still a little soft in the middle. We decided to leave them to air dry as I didn’t want to end up ruining them. As it is, they still didn’t dry, so I bunged them in the oven at the bottom to finish off. (mental note, make sure it is on the lowest setting as they did puff up a bit and ‘cook’ as I had it a bit too high – serves me right for trying to cook dinner at the same time!)

After some more messy fun with kid friendly paints, glitter and sequins, I gave them all a quick coat of pva glue and ta da! Here are the final results! Toddler is most pleased with her efforts- bet you can’t tell which one Mummy did though…

Ps – apologies for the quality of the photos – I will try and avoid my camera phone from now on I think!


One thought on “Salt Dough Fun!

  1. Rebecca M says:

    Great job, your pictures are great! I love the Santa face, it really looks so much better than the one I tried to make! And thanks so much for letting me know how they turned out for you. It really is such a great project.

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