Oh Christmas Tree!

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December 18, 2012 by thepolishedbutton


Well what a lovely weekend it’s been! We had the toddler’s 2nd birthday party on Saturday morning, with bubbles, balloons, pass the parcel and a distinct lack of tears or vomit – surely a triumph??
In the afternoon it was time to get a Christmas tree – this is one of my favourite rituals and I am known to be dictatorial very serious when it comes to choosing and decorating. Firstly we went to the local posh garden centre. They had trees alright…for £55 and upwards, and that was just the 5 footers. Toddler learnt a new word at this point ‘rip off Mummy’. Indeed. So on we went to a place recommended to us and another we have used before. Closed and closed. Hmphh. I was starting to feel a strop coming on, so hubby decided to speed up the process and we headed to Homebase. And this is when something strange happened. I am somewhat of a Christmas tree snob, so my next words shook me to the core. ‘Shall we look at the fake trees?’. What? WHAT??? (I should add at this point it wouldn’t have been impossible to wait another day, but along with offal, patience isn’t something I do). The snow capped, tinsel branched, glow in the dark trees were quickly discounted, but a nice, simple, dare I say tasteful tree caught my eye, and with a shake of a reindeer’s tail the nectar card was out and a box of festive plastic was in the boot.
Does this mean we will never have a real tree again? Nope. Perhaps next year. But for now, especially as it was the same price as a real one, our little (7 foot) tree looks mighty pretty, and there’s no pine needles to sweep up, and the christmas scented yankee candle almost makes up for the lack of pine!

On another note, I realised that a good chunk of our decorations are now handmade, and I’m rather pleased. Over the years, craft fairs, friends, relatives and my own fair hands have provided a wonderful and eclectic selection of which I’m rather proud. No doubt with children in the house, this tradition will continue!





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