Vintage Perks!


January 8, 2013 by thepolishedbutton

One of the advantages of working for a vintage clothing company is getting to raid the charity bag before it goes on it’s merry way. This is rich pickings for a crafty type like me, and it’s always surprising what hasn’t sold or has been deemed uncool!
Today’s haul was a good un – 1950’s long line strapless bra, unworn in it’s original box; yellow floral 1960’s cotton print pj’s, also unworn in the original packaging; pink silky lace pj’s that need a wash but are ripe for customising into sonething new; and a green Ralph Lauren jumper in merino wool – hungry moths mean this is perfect to add to my patchwork blanket pile!


I do all of the alterations and repairs at work too, and get to keep any leftover fabrics. Vintage fabrics. Pretty, quirky, crazy vintage fabrics. A-maz-ing!!


Most of these come from maxi dresses chopped down to mini dresses, so I’m normally left with panels that are perfect for smaller craft projects or covering buttons. I have so much fabric now, that I feel a giveaway coming on – watch this space!
I’m off to enjoy a coffee whilst the toddler naps, and maybe do some knitting. Rock and roll.


10 thoughts on “Vintage Perks!

  1. Love it! That is a very good perk of the job! Do you find you hoard fabric? I do. I have an addiction, even tiny scraps get kept ;-D

    • I have such a massive stash of fabric! Anything too small to fold goes into a laundry bin full of scraps…I can’t bear to throw it away!! I dread the day we need to make space and I have to have a clear out!

  2. Ooooh, that fabric looks lovely! Jealous!

  3. […] I mentioned in this post, I have a massive collection of vintage fabric pieces, so I have had a little rummage and thought I […]

  4. How does one get to work in a vintage clothing company? 30+ years of boring old public service I now have job envy!!!! WOW how happy must every day be? DONT ANSWER THAT, my envy may get ugly 😉

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