Kids Thank You Cards Tutorial

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January 12, 2013 by thepolishedbutton

Like most things in my life, I’m about a week behind organising thank you cards from the toddler for all the lovely gifts she has received. A friend was handing hers out before New Years Eve. She also has a toddler. And she is 6 months pregnant. Some people are far too organised.

Last year we did paint handprints which seemed to go down well with the family, so this year I have been trying to think of other ways to keep it personal too. I tried getting her to sit down and do some drawings to include, but after 5 minutes and 1/2 a picture, she was done, which frankly wasn’t going to cut it (especially as we had 20+ cards to send…).
Sorting through her craft box, I realised she had loads of cute drawings and scribbles but we had run out of room to display them. My rusty cogs started turning, and I thought of a way to use these for the cards. Not just bunging them, folded up, inside, but using them as the decoration.

Out came my Big Shot die cutter and I cut the pictures into circles of varying sizes.

Using some blank cards and envelopes left over from last year, and some tiny sticky foam squares I had floating around, I mounted 2 circles onto each card. The foam gave them a raised effect and the somewhat haphazard toddler style of artistry lent a certain Tate Gallery air. So very Jackson Pollock darling.



Anyway, I think they look pretty cute for fairly minimal effort, and the grandparent brigade will (hopefully) enjoy the toddler artwork too. What do you do for thank you cards? Buy them ready made? Create photo based cards online? I’d love to hear your ideas!


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