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January 19, 2013 by thepolishedbutton

Like lots of crafty folks, I am slightly addicted to the wonder that is Pinterest. I love to collect ideas and images and tips to make my life better. If I spent half the time actually doing some of the projects rather than just repinning, I may actually get a few things done, but I guess that is part of the charm – imagining how much better your life would be if you lived in Pinterest Land. (I’d wear a lot of stripes, eat a lot of beautiful cake, have the most storage efficient house in the world and have a massive collection of quilts. At least according my boards anyway!)

I thought I would share with you some of my favourite pins, and things I have actually done (or fully intend to do because they are within my means!) to enhance my life!

You can find me here by the way (or click the Pinterest button over there ——–>) and I’ve no doubt I can inspire and educate you and make you think I live a fabulously stylish and eclectic hectic life…ahem.


Clothes Peg Ribbon Spool

A brilliant and easy peasy way of keeping all those oddments of ribbon in one place – I did this the other night and very satisfying it is too!

Clothes Peg Ribbon Spool


Shed Porn

We have a large, rambling and completely wild back garden, which is slowly but surely being tamed. We bought our pride and joy last summer (a shed…) and my aim is to make it look pretty and bohemian like this one. I have a spindly clematis growing up the side and lots and lots of plans. It’s only a matter of time.


The Never Ending Veg Story

I’m doing this, right now. 2 leek ends and 2 little jars of water. On the windowsill. I already have the soup planned. As I said above, it’s only a matter of time.

The Never Ending Veg Story


Project Bathroom

I developed some seriously irrational behaviour when researching our new bathroom last year –  5am google searches for blue tiles was not unusual. BUT I adore our new bathroom, thanks in no small way to my endless pins on the subject. This one in particular helped a LOT!




Blue tiles


This was the end result by the way. I loves it.

Blue tiles


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