Deco Delights


January 27, 2013 by thepolishedbutton

When I owned my costume hire business, we often had donations of lovely vintage clothing and fabric. Not long before we closed, I had a call from a lady who had ‘a few bits and bobs’ that may interest me. What I recieved was a fabulous and extensive collection of 30’s and 40’s gloves, hats and handbags. Also included in the box was a large selection of vintage sewing magazines and patterns. I have recently dug these out and had forgotten what a wonderful resource they are. I am pretty much down to just paper transfers now, but the designs are so classic I had to share some with you.


The transfers (known as hot iron transfers for obvious reasons) were designed for embroidery, and you just ironed the transfer in thr right place, peeled away to reveal the inky lines and followed them to create a pretty embroidered area. Often seen in tablecloths and napkins, they also leant themselves to collars, cuffs and petticoats.

I have found these transfers to be so inspiring – they are mainly 1930’s and really of their time, but would not look out of place in a modern fabric design either.


I am selling the patterns myself through my etsy shop, but will make sure to document them first as you never know when they may come in useful for research purposes! (you can see how they have inspired my Spoonflower fabric designs!)


3 thoughts on “Deco Delights

  1. Oh, I had a collection just like those that came from my Grandma and an elderly lady at church. I made some and gave the rest to a friend with vastly superior embroidery skills!

  2. What did you make with them? I think they so pretty but not sure my embroidery skills would do them justice!

  3. Such a good idea to record them all before selling 🙂

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