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January 31, 2013 by thepolishedbutton

I’ve been a bit quiet of late, due partly to being a bit under the weather, but more importantly I’ve been busy building a website! I’m moving inch by inch closer to my mini empire, and the latest hurdle has been the mighty duo of web hosting and wordpress.
I recieved some very sound advice from Alex at The Business of Women, who pointed me in the direction of a decent host server and also gave me a few tips on building the site.
I already knew how to design a site in dreamweaver, but it turns out the world of technology has moved on slightly since 2002 (I know, who knew?) and my trusty methods were mightily outdated. It’s all about blogging, themes and eccomerce these days dontcha know?
So, I signed up with 123-reg for my server, installed onto it and sat back with a cuppa to design my site whilst the toddler napped…..

….3 days, much swearing, late night googling and lots of review reading later I sussed it.
Yep, it took me that long to work out how the hell to use the thing, find a theme to use (I quickly realised I was delusional naive to think I could build it from scratch, so downloading a ready made theme and personalising it was a much better option!)
I still have a long way to go as it currently has no images (photo shoot is next on the list!) but I’m happy that things are starting to come together and my head hasn’t exploded yet.
I’ll give you a sneek peek when it’s a bit more show-offable!

Do check out The Business of Women website and sign up for the newsletter – lots of relevant info on getting started and running a small business; sometimes the most obvious things – write a goal plan for instance- need pointing out to you so you actually do them, rather than just saying ‘oh yeah great idea’ and promptly forgetting all about it. (It can’t just be me that does that surely??)


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