Chocolate overload!

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March 31, 2013 by thepolishedbutton

How do you celebrate Easter? We are not religious, so like Christmas, we use it as an opportunity to see family and friends, have some rest and relaxation sit on the sofa and watch kids films and eat. And eat. And eat. I was brought up to show how much you love your nearest and dearest by giving them the greatest gift of all – food! I’m not trying to be glib – I do think providing for your loved ones, spending time creating something delicious then enjoying their company whilst you all eat communally is a wonderful thing to do – nothing says love in our house more than a full belly and happy faces!! I have become a little bit obsessed with bread, or specifically, yeast of late. I find the proving process really fascinating – watching the dough double or even triple in front of my eyes magical! So I’ve made fruit loaf twice, hot cross buns and two crusty white loaves (one of which my husband single handedly demolished after a late night at work!) and have now run out of flour so am at a halt!


So we have resorted to that classic Easter treat – chocolate nests. Easy and quick and ideal for little hands, the toddler very much enjoyed crushing the shredded wheat and stealing the mini eggs!



We used a bit of an ad hoc method, but basically we melted milk chocolate, along with a tbsp of golden syrup and a knob of butter. We then mixed this into a bowl of about 5 crushed shredded wheats, and spooned the mixture into paper cases. A dent in the middle with a clean finger and some carefully placed mini eggs and voila a tasty Easter treat!


The lucky grandparent shaped recipients will hopefully appreciate the hard work!


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