Finally, some proper sewing!


April 12, 2013 by thepolishedbutton

I have finally, finally found time to do some proper dressmaking – I’ve not made myself something in so long I had nearly forgotten how to do it!

I am sure you have all been watching The Great British Sewing Bee (I love it!) and it is certainly inspiring me to get off my bum and bloody well finish some of the projects I have started!

I originally started off with this pattern some time before Christmas (!) – a vintage 1970’s (Simplicity 6883) shirtdress, with big promises of making me ‘look slimmer’…



But once I had cut the pattern out and tacked it together, it was doing nothing for me (this is the second time I have tried this pattern, so maybe it is time to accept defeat.)

The fabric is a vintage 60’s lightweight polyester jersey, and it’s pretty bold, yet strangely alluring. I didn’t want to scrap it, so I folded it up with thoughts of returning to it at some point.

That point finally came when I spied this pattern in a half price sale recently. (New Look 6176)



Now granted it is not the most inspiring of patterns, but I like a nice simple shift dress, especially when teamed with a bright print. So the next step was to see whether the pieces I had already cut out would fit the new pattern. JUST! I had to make a few tweaks, the main one being the fact that the first pattern buttoned up, so there were 2 front pieces, which looked too mismatched to just whack a seam up the front. But a handy piece of toning bias tape worked well with the retro vibe, and actually ended up looking pretty smart.

The pattern has separate neck and cuff panels, so I dug out some black cord to offset the pattern, with the finishing touch of 3 little vintage black bobble buttons at the front. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out, although I am definitely out of shape in the dressmaking department, as proven by a couple of small fitting issues (the neckline was a bit too wide for my fairly narrow shoulders, and the cord is a tad heavy so it ends up gaping slightly when I bend over!) but given the fact this started out as a completely different dress, I think it turned out to be quite a cute little mod number! I already have plans for a longer sleeve version, and maybe I’ll try out some pockets too!IMG_6455


5 thoughts on “Finally, some proper sewing!

  1. Carolyn says:

    Super cute, I love the mod look! : )

  2. Helen says:

    This is really cute. Good save!

  3. Nay says:

    Total winner. The simplicity of the dress really lets the print ‘be the hero’ (cliché much?!). Nicely done!

  4. Thanks Nay, that is exactly what I thought! The other dress pattern would have been far too busy for this fabric anyway! 🙂

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