Sweater Re-fashion


May 11, 2013 by thepolishedbutton

I found this rather nice black jumper in a charity shop recently – soft black Merino wool and hardly worn, so I snapped it up with ideas of giving it a little makeover. I was quite a simple but somewhat unflattering shape for me with a high neckline and square shape.

I unintentionally made it more fitted by shrinking it slightly in the wash, but at least it saved me from fiddling with the side seams…


I wanted to take the neckline down a bit, but as it has a hole at one side, I couldn’t harvest the binding to re-use (plus it would have been a little too small anyway) so did some scouting around to find some ideas for a new neckline.

This post from Star Cross Sewing was pretty useful, as was another blog post which I can’t find the link to grrr!

Anyway, I put the jumper on, marked where I wanted the neck to fall, and cut it away. I then    stitched close to the cut edge to stop it stretching, and used an overlock stitch to stop it fraying.

Next up I took inspiration from the ever fabulous So Zo and cut out a nice lace panel to go at the front. I took the sleeves off at this point too, as the shoulder seam sat a bit low on me, so I trimmed the sleeve heads and pulled the shoulders up so it gave a more flattering fit.

I basted the lace panel into place, stitched the shoulders back and re-fitted the sleeves. I used some tiny hand stitches to secure the lace in place across the front too.

Finally I used some black and white spotty bias binding (you can buy it here) to finish off the raw neck edge, and voila! and lovely new refashioned jumper!


There were some better pictures, but my laptop has decided to sulk so I can’t access them!!


5 thoughts on “Sweater Re-fashion

  1. I am suitably impressed!!

  2. Helen says:

    This is lovely and what a transformation! I have always wondered about refashioning knits as I thought they’d just unravel if you cut them. Good to know an overlock stitch woul stop that!

  3. What a great transformation, very cute, loving the lace!

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