Vintage Display Heads


June 8, 2013 by thepolishedbutton

A while ago I was asked to help design the display in the new section of a vintage shop. I was organising the accessories and trying to work out how to show off the fab collection of hats. They looked a bit sad on the white polystyrene heads, so I thought these girls could do with a makeover…


I used acrylic paint (water based would just slide off and spray paint melts the plastic!) and did a base ‘skin’ coat and a simple hairstyle. Next came the fun bit – retro makeup! Heavy eye makeup, bright lipstick, the odd beauty spot…

And here they are! Don’t they look cute?


I made about 10 in the end, and once they had dried, really made the most of the hats and scarves, and there was barely a diva strop between them!


One thought on “Vintage Display Heads

  1. Catherine says:

    Fantastic fun!! x

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