The National Vintage Awards & Amazing hair!


June 28, 2013 by thepolishedbutton

Being the glamorous and important celebrity that I am…(honestly guv…) I swanned off to The National Vintage Awards last night, fully frocked up and ready to hob nob with the great and the good of the vintage world. I was also there to support Urban Village (who won best regional shop – hurrah!) I kitted my self out in a fabulous 1960’s lace wiggle dress in a glorious shade of turquoise (which received lots of compliments – I must wear that shade more often!) complete with a verrry snug corset and my latest charity shop purchase, some black suede wedges with bows and peep toes, yum!


This is not just a boasting post about my night out though, but actually a chance to tell you about a rather cool website I was introduced to recently. If you’ve not heard of The Amazings before, they are a London based company, offering classes run by older and experienced tutors with a wealth of knowledge in everything from dress making to music marketing. In essence, you can sign up for a class and learn from the best – The Amazings!

But what if you are not London based you ask? Well this is where their new online courses come in, and where I had a chance to try out some of the things they had on offer. I had a look at few of their videos, everything from mosaic pottery to patchwork quilting, but the one that caught my eye was the retro hairdo class. And with the NVA’s in mind, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to brush up on my skills and show off a new do at the awards at the same time.

The class had 3 different options (30’s chignon, rockabilly or Bridget Bardot), and they are all presented in an informal and easy to follow format – listing items you may need, and allowing you to ask the instructor questions about the class.



Image from The Amazings Retro Hair Class

Now, I consider myself a bit of a pro with vintage style hair – I have been using my 1970’s set of heated rollers since about 1992 and they haven’t failed me yet! But I did learn a thing or two from this class, and was really happy with the results (and the fact it actually stayed put!) For only £12 for all 3 classes I think it is great value for money and well worth a look, especially as there is no time limit and you can use them time and again. And because you guys are fab, The Amazings have offered you your first class for free when you use this link!  


Rocking my rollers at work (I put them in at lunchtime as I had to do a mad dash after work to pick the toddler up and get home and get ready!)


My sexy Bridget Bardot hairdo, courtesy of The Amazings tutorial!


Me and the gorgeous Lucy from Lucy Scott Bakes a Lot enjoying our ice cream courtesy of Something Borrowed – yum!


Working our Granny Chic look in the Vintage Photo Booth!


4 thoughts on “The National Vintage Awards & Amazing hair!

  1. Helen says:

    LOVE your dress! Is it vintage or did you make it? Your hair looks great! Looks like a great night out!

  2. Honor says:

    I enjoyed the NVA’s too! I saw you there, although didn’t get chance to say hello. You have a great shop and blog, I’m so glad that there is more ‘vintage’ stuff happening in Birmingham!

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