Fabric Heart Garland *Tutorial*

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September 29, 2013 by thepolishedbutton

It was the christening of the daughter of some good friends recently, so I decided to make something extra personal for her. They’ve been the lucky (?) recipients of homemade gifts for their wedding and for the baby shower, so I thought I’d stick with the theme!

Little Eva has the cutest girliest bedroom you’ve ever seen, plus my friend keeps her house looking like something from an interiors magazine (cue house and cleanliness envy whenever I visit – her idea of messy is my idea of super tidy!) so I wanted to make something to go with her butterfly themed room, without being too intrusive, as not everyone wants other people’s idea of decoration all over the shop!

I decided on a little padded heart garland, with Eva’s name appliqued across it. First up I chose my fabrics – various ditsy florals and butterfly printed cottons (I had lots of smaller pieces which were just perfect for the hearts!)

I sketched out a heart shape in the size I wanted (my hearts are 3″ x 3″) and then cut them out of the fabric, cutting 18 in all (to make 9 hearts). I also cut out the letters of Eva’s name to stitch onto the central 3 hearts.



My hearts have different fabrics front and back, so the garland can be hung up both ways for a different look. Next I used some embroidery floss to stitch the letter down, using a blanket stitch.



Once all the hearts are ready to go, I began sewing the 2 sides together, again using the embroidery floss (about 3 strands) and a blanket stitch at the edges for a decorative effect.  I left a small gap for the stuffing to go inside.

I actually ended up using cotton wool for the stuffing, but of course normal toy stuffing would be perfect. Once it was full and padded, I stitched the gap up, and used a small shell button at the centre to complete the heart.


Once they were all stuffed and stitched, I used a long piece of satin ribbon to create the garland. Using a large eyed needle, I threaded the ribbon through each heart between the stitching and through the centre of the padding, between the fabric layers. I added little plastic beads as spacers, and made sure I threaded the hearts in the correct order so that the name was in the middle. Make sure you position the ribbon near to the top of the hearts,  otherwise the weight of the button will make them flip over and twist, rather than lie flat and hang nicely.

Knots at either end stop the hearts sliding off, but that’s it – a pretty heart garland for a pretty little girl!


On reflection, I think I would make the letters out of a much darker or much lighter fabric, as the name is lost a bit once seen from a distance, but it doesn’t spoil the overall look I don’t think!



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