Darn those socks!


December 3, 2013 by thepolishedbutton

My Dad asked me to darn his socks the other day. No really, I’ve not slipped back a century, and they did need doing! (Not cheap cotton ones, but thick walking type ones, so not a total time waster!)
As luck would have it, I had some matching darning wool and a wooden darning mushroom so I made a cuppa and got to work!


Firstly, I positioned the mushroom inside the sock under one of the holes, and held it by the handle to keep the hole taught (but not stretched) as I darned. I started off by stitching a ring all the way round the hole to stabilise it.


Next I started using long stitches to ‘weave’ across the hole (being sure to start a little distance away from the edges to keep it secure in the non damaged part of the fabric), up and down then back across side to side to create a mesh over the hole, making sure it wasn’t pulled too tightly to prevent it puckering.


I then worked in diagonals across the hole using smaller stitches, under and over the mesh stitches, as it gradually started to become filled in.


Slowly the hole disappeared and was replaced with a new layer of ‘knitted’ yarn, creating a strong and almost invisible mend!


I then repeated the process for each holey or worn area, and now they are nice and hole free to see another day (and keep my old man’s tootsies cosy!)



2 thoughts on “Darn those socks!

  1. Well done! I enjoyed this post, and it made me think of another post I discovered a while back through the Woven Tale Press: http://writinginthemarginsburstingattheseams.blogspot.nl/2013/10/oh-darn.html So you are not the only one, and it’s a good thing to darn!

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