Christmas Fudge!

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December 20, 2013 by thepolishedbutton

Well the big day is nearly upon us, and we’ve finally finished the Christmas shopping, put the tree up, organised a 3 year old’s birthday party (don’t have a baby at Christmas folks, it’s pretty tiring!) and attempted to manage a verrry over excited toddler, whilst not really being able to drink as I’m 7 months pregnant. I fully plan to make up for this oversight next year mind!
I like to make little festive treats for friends and family, sometimes as a gift from my daughter and it keeps things a bit personal too. This year I attempted fudge, a first for me.
I used a recipe on the Carnation website, using a ton of condensed milk, butter and sugar!

Recipe here

It was all going well as the pan boiled molten sugar, then went a lovely golden colour.


I don’t own a sugar thermometer, so used the soft ball method. I then whisked the hell out of it, but at this point wondered if something had gone wrong as it didn’t quite thicken up as much as I thought it would. Ignoring this, I poured it into a large pan lined with parchment, and left it to set. And waited. And waited. Put it in the fridge. Waited. Put it in the freezer. Waited. Then finally had to accept that perhaps this batch was just not going to set.
Being the frugal gal that I am, I was certainly not going to chuck it away, especially as I had made a double mixture. This, it occurred to me, could be the problem – Maybe it needed longer to cook as there was more of it, so I scraped it all back into the pan for boiling once again. At this point I figured I had nothing to lose, so decided to make it a bit more festive by adding 2 tbsp of cocoa and a tsp of orange essence. This time, it definitely seemed to be behaving itself, and an extra 5 minutes boiling time and a good 10 minutes whisking produced a thick luscious looking fudge.


A couple of hours setting time later, it was ready to cut (and taste) I can promise you this is like heaven in a pan – totally yummy and guaranteed to send you into a diabetic coma if you eat too much!! My double recipe made about 70 chunks of fudge!


I dusted the pieces in cocoa and bagged them up, ready to hand out to my nearest and dearest!


I hope you all have a lovely relaxed Christmas and New Year – I plan to lie around like a beached whale whilst my family whip the toddler into a festive frenzy – hooray!!


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