Rubbish Toys!


January 5, 2014 by thepolishedbutton

So Christmas has been packed away, New Year already seems like ages ago and it’s back to cold, grey January. So far so boring right? Not in this house at the moment! You know the old adage that kids always prefer playing with the box rather than the toy that came inside? Well no truer is this than after Christmas, so we made the most of it and saved up all those boxes, sweet wrappers and other shiny bits to do some post Christmas crafting. One rainy Saturday morning, and a cheerful toddler, even more cheerful husband and a carpet covered in bits later, may I introduce you to…Robot! (Imaginatively named by the 3 year old!)


Not just that, but a matching Robot costume for madam, and a rather pleased hubby who I suspect enjoyed the process even more than she did!

It cost approximately £1.50 in electrical and parcel tape, and will no doubt ease the pressure (slightly) on our binmen come recycling day on Monday!

In fact, so popular was Robot and his boxes, that the toddler decided she wanted to use another box as a boat, which then became a tv armchair and also a dinner table with matching cardboard tray. We did draw the line when she tried to persuade us to let her use it as a bed to sleep in though…

I hope you all had a fabulous New Year and have lots of exciting new crafty projects on the horizon!


3 thoughts on “Rubbish Toys!

  1. Cathy Leach says:

    Robot is brilliant! Toddler really enjoying herself! Good old fashioned fun!!

  2. Love Natalie says:

    My sons once used a BBQ box as every conceivable home/vehicle/shop etc for about 6 months! Why do we spend so much on gadgets????

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