Knitted Patchwork Baby Blanket AKA The Labour of Love


January 11, 2014 by thepolishedbutton

When my best mate announced she was pregnant, I set to task thinking of a nice gift I could make. Then last Christmas I came across some lovely pom pom knitting yarn in Lidl (of all places) and it was so soft and snuggly I had the genius idea of knitting a blanket for the baby.


Now she was due in July, so plenty of time to get a smallish crib blanket made up right? What I hadn’t banked on was a) my less than brilliant knitting skills (you want a slightly wonky scarf with a few dropped stitches? No problem…) and b) the bobbly wool was a pain in the backside to work with. But being the martyr perfectionist I am, I soldiered on, one small patchwork square at a time.

One slightly wonky pile of squares later, I stood back proudly to assess my work, and the (long haired, black) cat decided it looked so warm and snuggly, he’d take a little kip. Good one Boris.

1420232_10151996435900692_624067581_n 1392907_10151996435460692_716230077_n

After a wash in sensitive baby friendly washing powder, I lined my squares up, and tried to work out how to make a reasonably even shaped blanket.

Did I mention that the baby was born in July? Well this takes us up to October, so the newborn present idea was out of the window. Still, at least the blanket will be more weather appropriate right?

After much gentle persuasion, I stitched the panels together, and chose some pretty floral cotton to back it with. A bit more, less gentle persuasion, and the perfectly square cotton did a fairly good job of pulling the knitted side into line. I then hand stitched a quilted effect throughout, partly because it looked pretty, and partly because it stopped the middle billowing out. A sweet toning bias edge and voila, one cute and cuddle Christmas present! Only 5 months late…

1491824_10152104259575692_641993515_o 1499265_10152104258295692_1958198326_o

I think the even cuter and cuddlier recipient was pretty happy too!


If you want to get yourself some of the cotton and bias binding, they can be found in my shop right here!


4 thoughts on “Knitted Patchwork Baby Blanket AKA The Labour of Love

  1. That looks really lovely, such a beautiful present to give someone. You have given me an idea too – I make latch hook rugs – if I put a backing on one, it could be a blanket too!

  2. this looks gorgeous and the whole story sounds like the one’s where I make my friends gifts! Love the idea of a knitted/quilted blanket – best of both worlds!

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