Woodland Themed Toddler Birthday Party


January 18, 2014 by thepolishedbutton

My daughter’s birthday is just before Christmas, which always results in organisational mayhem as we try and arrange 2 sets of presents, numerous parties, family gatherings, food etc. However, the festive fun always wins out in the end (for now…) We try and keep the two events separate, so tend to have a party the week before her actual big day, and that way we can hold off on Christmas decorations until we’ve done birthday celebrations first.

This year we decided on a Magical Woodland theme, as she is seriously into fairies, butterflies and all manner of exotic and glittery creatures. We invited the kids to come in fancy dress (we had a handful of fairies, various animals and a Gruffalo!) and my mother in law helped make these sweet little invitations.


We entertained them with ceramic painting, which involved them painting owl and fairy ornaments, which once fired were perfect for the tree!



(We used the lovely Annie at All Fired Arts, who had them ready to collect a few days later so I could deliver the goodies in time for Christmas!) and the hubby organised a garden treasure hunt (it wasn’t raining thankfully)  which involved them collecting envelopes with pictures on, until they found their ‘prize’!

The obligatory tea party and pass the parcel finished them off 🙂

Naturally, my favourite bit was making the cakes – we had cupcakes decorated with grass and ladybird picks, and spotty toadstool/ladybird icing with flower picks.



The birthday cake was a fairy toadstool cake, made using a various layers of carefully carved sponge cake, and smothered in buttercream and fondant icing. Apart from the weight of the top, which threatened to topple at any given moment, it looked very cute, especially with the addition of candles in the shape of fairies and a chunky wooden cheese board to stand it on!



I wanted to make themed goodie bags to take home, so rather than the usual plastic tat, I made little envelopes filled with wild bird seed to encourage the kids to get outside and feed the critters; a very cool twig pencil and a bag of woodland themed sweeties – coconut mushrooms, sugar mice – you know the sort of thing. Oh and of course a nice slab of birthday cake!!

1472176_10152104788615692_1122407514_n 1492878_10152104788740692_83013753_n

All in all a fun and magical party!




2 thoughts on “Woodland Themed Toddler Birthday Party

  1. Helen says:

    Lovely! And I like how you personalised the party bag! Great idea!

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