De Ja Vu!


September 14, 2014 by thepolishedbutton

This is a bit of a lazy post in a way, as it involves fabric I have already shown you here, and patterns I have already made here and here.

But still, I adore this combo, and I think I probably wear the skirt at least once a week.

Cake Patterns Pavlova Skirt

The skirt fabric is a sort of satiny tafetta, and I was worried at first that is was a bit too cheap looking (mainly because it was – £1 per/m, thank you very much!!) but I love the colour and print so much I don’t care. It actually sewed up rather easily (except for the narrow hem – don’t attempt to hem a slippery circle skirt when you are in a rush!)

It also matched very closely to this gorgeous skirt I found on Pinterest, from US site Modcloth (I love Modcloth, so I’m glad it doesn’t exist in the UK, otherwise I’d be stoney broke!)

I used the Cake Pavlova pattern, but this time I made the waistband even wider (2″) and used fusible interfacing to stop it creasing and wrinkling up. I omitted the pocket this time, as although I love it, I think the print would disguise it and it would be a nightmare trying to get those little pleats in this fabric.

So there I was, all pleased with myself and the only thing left to do was give it a quick iron and then it happened. I BURNT A HOLE IN THE BLOODY THING!! Yep, like an idiot I forgot to check the dial on the iron, and approximately 1 second later, a nice melty space existed where my skirt should have been. Gutted! Luckily, I had some spare offcuts so managed to do a little patch underneath, so it’s not a write off, and because it’s such a full skirt anyway (and the hole is near the back) it’s not actually very noticeable. Phew!


The top is another version of New Look 6856, in a navy and whit spot jersey cotton. It took about an hour to make, is really versatile and comfy to wear. There’s not much else I can say about a t-shirt is there?

2 thoughts on “De Ja Vu!

  1. Allison Graden says:

    I came out very cute! And haven’t we all done that with a too hot iron. happens to the best of us!

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