Cake Patterns Pavlova Circle Skirt


July 9, 2014 by thepolishedbutton

Aaaages ago I bought some lovely black moss crepe to make some wide leg trousers out of. However, I decided it was a little too drapey for them, and would probably look a little eveningy, so the fabric has been languishing for a while.

I finally decided I needed to use it, and so it’s future was decided with Cake patterns Pavlova skirt. I love circle skirts on other people, but always feel a bit round and squat when I wear them – I’m only 5’2″ with an ample derriere, but I thought if I used a softer fabric, it would give it more of a 40’s feel than a structured 1950’s shape.

Cake Pavlova Pattern


The pattern itself is dead easy and straightforward (apart from a slight waistband tweak – I doubled the thickness as the pattern suggests a very thin band, which I just knew would cut into my tummy and be unflattering!), and came together very well. However my fabric choice meant the bias cut nature was even more troublesome than usual – the fabric was a bit of a nightmare to sew and slipped all over the shop.

The shell pocket detail is really sweet, but mine ended up a little wonky as the crepe just would. Not. Keep. Still. Grrrrr!!

Pavlova Skirt Pocket

Anyway, after a ‘hang’ overnight, and a surprisingly stress free hemming, it was all done, and I have worn it loads since – it’s perfect with my New Look boat neck top!

Cake Patterns Pavlova Skirt


If you like the look of this pattern, you can buy it in the shop here!


2 thoughts on “Cake Patterns Pavlova Circle Skirt

  1. Jenny says:

    That looks lovely on you – the perfect shape

  2. […] in a way, as it involves fabric I have already shown you here, and patterns I have already made here and […]

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